What is Etermon ($ETM)? The Strategy-centered 2D Card Battle Game

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Etermon is a Play to Earn NFT game project that has made headlines recently.The game is a fine-tuned blend of strategy and multiplayer powered by blockchain. “Play to trade — Trade to earn” is the slogan of Etermon as players can enjoy unique features for great rewards.

Concept project — What is Etermon?

Etermon is an upcoming 2D card battle game where you can play PvP with other players or simply go PvE and team up with friends to defeat bosses. In any mode, you can earn tokens with ease and continue upgrading your Eters in order to claim through ranks. “Find the perfect formula” is the name of the game as players have to combine wisely between 5 Elements and many abilities to get the best out of their monsters.

Outstanding features

What is the project trying to achieve?

Etermon offers huge potential and enormous diversity for players to discover. The cartoonish characters and colorful world of Eternity create a charming vibe. The NFT gaming market is already filled with plenty of projects and Etermon is one of a few to stand out in terms of strategic aspects.


In the early stages of Etermon, there will be a total of 12 Eters living on the Eternity Planet. Each Eter can be equipped with at least one active skill of the element that such Eter owns, together with one passive skill of the species, besides that, high level Eters can have an additional passive skill.

Eters are a valuable NFT in the game as they are the ones to determine the outcome of the battles. To own Eter, you can summon from Early Box Sale, or you can buy Eter that are being sold on the Marketplace.

New monsters and new features will be released as the game will be gradually updated. Let’s take a look at some of the first Eters that have been revealed.


Windora — the hot-tempered dinosaur: Living in the central volcano Radius of the Eternity continent, the Windora is the king that dominates this mountain, they have a flexible body and huge attack power.

Racoon — the mischievous squirrels: The racoon lives mainly on the Sky island, located to the southeast of the mainland of Eternity. They have a rather peaceful and friendly nature in contrast to the Sky island where there are frequent electrical storms throughout the year.

Silvyx — the Kung Fu master chicken:Lives on the northeastern shore of the Eternity continent. The Silvyx chickens have lived here for more than three thousand years, due to their proximity to the central volcano Radius, they often have large-scale battles with Windora, the loudest and most belligerent neighbors at Eternity.


There are 5 major elements on Eternity Planet: Fire, Electricity, Water, Earth and Plant, each having its own peculiar power. 2 Eters of the same species, but different in element, will possess stereotypical power of his element.

5 major elements on Eternity Planet
  • Fire: Ultimate attack power, burning attribute
  • Electricity: High speed, extraordinary control skills
  • Water: Has the power of water, being a supplement to allied Eter
  • Earth: Slow but highly resistant, can survive in many environments
  • Plant: Highly flammable but has the controlling and healing powers of mother nature


Each Eter displays an in-built tendency such as:

  • Damage: Brutality, love to attack.
  • Tank: Great endurance and can survive in many separate environments.
  • Support: Love peace and hate war.


Eters are divided into Ranks representing their own strength

  • N
  • R
  • SR
  • SSR

Ability system

Each Eter has 8 basic attributes:

  • Atk (Attack)
  • Def (Defense)
  • Magic Atk (Magic Attack)
  • Magic Def (Magic Defense)
  • HP (Health Point)
  • SPD (Speed)

What is unique selling point?

  • Strategy-centered gameplay:

Unlike many other NFT games, Etermon requires players to make good combinations between various aspects in order to come out on top of battles.

  • Teammates make payday:

“If you want to go far, go together”, the African proverb is well and truly fit with the world of Eternity Planet. By teaming up with other players or your friends, you and your teammates have the power to conquer Etermon. Earning money is better and way more thrilling when we are doing it with each other.

  • Players create values:

Players are the ones that determine the uniqueness of their own monsters. With just a few right touches, your Eter can be one of the best in the game and become the valuable NFT on Marketplace.


Technical data

Key metrics


  • Token Name: Etermon
  • Ticker: ETM
  • Blockchain: BSC
  • Token Standard: Updating…
  • Contract: Updating…
  • Token type: Updating…
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Circulating Supply: Updating…

Token allocation

Token use case

  • Transaction
  • Buy items
  • Upgrading Eters

Markets and Community

Etermon has crossed the mark of 15,000 members and subscribers on Telegram.

Core Team

Conclusion and analysis

Etermon is being developed by Moli Studio, a studio based in Vietnam. Etermon’s goal is to create a metaverse where players can earn money while enjoying the game. Through this NFT project, the team strives to build Etermon as a long-term product and make their way into the international scene.

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Etermon Official

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