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2 min readApr 21, 2022

🀝 Today, Etermon will introduce how to get referral links and introduce Etermon to your friends.

🎁 Especially if you get to the top referral of Etermon you can earn a lot of points in the β€œFinding Etermon Superhero” event and have a chance to win $2000 prize along with Corsair T3 RUSH Charcoal chair.

πŸ‘‰ Register for the Finding Etermon Superhero event HERE.

πŸ‘£ Steps to do Referral in Etermon:

Step 1: In the game interface, go to the settings (settings)
Step 2: In the referral section in the settings, click the share button to get the link to invite you
Step 3: Send that link to your friends
Step 4: The person invited via the link will go to the Marketplace section of Etermon
Step 5: Connect the wallet, and a pop-up will appear
Step 6: Click β€œCreate New Game Account”
Step 7: Enter your email and click β€œSend code via email”
Step 8: Enter the code sent to you by email
Step 9: Click on β€œLink Account”
Step 10: Go to the link, log in with the email above and experience the game

βš”οΈ When the ones you are inviting meet the 3 requirements below, your invitation will be recognized:
- The one you’re invited must be a new user who does not have an Etermon account
- Complete at least 5 PvE and 5 PvP battles
- Own Eter until the event ends



Etermon Official

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